Gipsy is Going to Whip You Into Shape

Hello out there fitness buffs! I’m Gipsy, and I’m a fitness trainer, ready to help you get in shape! I’m 24, 5’6″, and 135 lbs. I enjoy fitness to the point that I have deemed myself a fitness expert. I enjoy rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. Anytime spent in the water engaging in physical activity is right up my alley. I enjoy hiking and geocaching as well. I’m a good singer, and you’ll hear me belting out some of my favorite tunes at the most bizarre times. I just can’t help it!

When you book a date with a fitness girl like myself, you are pushed to the limit physically during your session. This could be spending time on a vibrant dance floor with me dressed to impress right next to you. It can mean a fast-paced striptease where you join in with me. It can mean an invigorating massage where you feel me tending to each muscle in detail. Our time together will be tailored to your own physical exercise level, so don’t let that part of the date scare you away. I love sharing my sculpted body with those who want to view it, and I hope you’ll find our time together to be full of wonder and mystery. I offer a different kind of adult experience, that is for certain! You won’t be disappointed!

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