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I’m an all-American woman who enjoys the company of men of all ages. I stand at just under 5’7″ tall and I hover around the 125-130lb mark. I have blonde hair (usually!) and blue eyes. I’m originally from California, and I’ve traveled extensively, making my home in many of the major cities across the country at one time or another. I am currently 27 years old.

I’m available for any type of date you have in mind. My specialty is accompanying gentlemen who need dates for business functions. I was a previous secretary before I got into this line of work, therefore I know exactly what to say (and not say) to your superiors and coworkers. I am there to make you look good and I assure you, I will. I love going out to sports bars with my clients. I am really, really, REALLY into football. If you want to know stats about a team or player, I’m your girl! Sports enthusiasts love me! If you are a betting man, I’ll help you with your football picks! I also enjoy spending alone time with my clients. This is usually just a one-on-one date in a hotel room. We can snuggle, watch a National Football League game, and learn about each other. I give a mean massage too, if you’re interested!

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